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Call for Applications: The Pacific Islands FinTech Innovation Challenge

[For promotion from Friday 20th May 2022 to Monday 20th June 2022]

General Info/Background Info

To help address the challenge of financial inclusion in the Pacific Islands Countries (PICs), the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) is launching the Pacific Islands Innovation Challenge.

The challenge aims to attract local and global FinTechs with market-ready solutions to address identified problem statements which represent the challenges faced by Pacific Islands countries in adopting digital payments services.

Funded by the UNCDF, Market Development Facility (MDF), and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the challenge will strengthen cross-sector collaboration by bringing together the financial ecosystem in PICs to support innovation and financial inclusion.

To have the challenge reach potential FinTech applicants, UNCDF is launching a first social media campaign. The following pack contains generic social media posts as well as challenge specific posts that partners can use to disseminate on their social media channels. Please feel free to make edits to your posts as you see fit. Read more





The latest service provided by your bank – Tonga Development Bank, is providing you with an update on your Savings Account balance for free since last week.

This service means receiving your Savings Account Daily Balance plus any Deposit made to your account like your payroll or any other deposit. If you are interested and have not received any email yet, kindly forward your email address with your savings account number to: to set up the service.

You can cease this service anytime by contacting the same email address above.

The format of the Email Alert is shown below.


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