Transport & Storage

If you're in wholesale and retail, then this loan is for you

What is Transport & Storage

Lending to this industry involves loans for commercial vehicles such as taxis, buses, etc., and building construction and facilities for commercial or merchandising storage.

The retail trade classification includes all business activities involved in the resale without transformation of new and used goods to the general public for personal or household consumption.

Why go with us?

Tonga Development Bank’s Transport & Storage loan has:


10.00% pa

interest rate

Transport & Storage
CRR A10.00% pa
CRR B11.00% pa
CRR C12.00% pa
SecurityAll items purchased with loan funds. Land mortgage is preferable otherwise security coverage by the Bank should be at least 1.5x
TermMaximum of 48 months for new vehicles or 30 months for used vehicles.
Repayment Percentage Salary DeductionSalary deduction is preferable, though cash is considered. For SD, 50% salary allowed for repayment of loan, 60% considered
FeesCan be charged to account
DisbursementDirect to supplier
Quotation of costsA written inspectionvaluation of vehicle to be obtained from reputable mechanics e.g. MOW, ASCO, TMF.
Borrowers ContributionA cash contribution of at least 25% is required on all vehicle loans

The vehicles to be purchased should be used for commercial purposes. Purpose for which loan funds can be used:

A cash contribution of at least 25% is required on every vehicle loan. It is subject to review by the Bank.

A written inspection/valuation for vehicles is to be obtained from a qualified mechanical workshop approved by the Insurance Companies, e.g. ASCO, MOW, Si’i Kae Ola in the case of used and recondition vehicles.

The asset pledged as security e.g. vehicle must be sighted