Home Loans

Home Loans

No Fale Nofo'anga (Construction of residential house)

This new loan product was approved by the Board in June 2015 to be commenced on 1st August 2015. Main purpose of this new product is to generate new income and increase revenue. With TDB continuing to generate surplus liquidity in its Bank accounts (including funds held at no interest in the ESA at NRBT) this product provides a low risk option to utilize the funds.

Preference is also given to established clients of the Bank with good track record and the view to retaining such good clients with the Bank rather than going elsewhere.


8.00% pa

interest rate

Home Loans
Variable Interest Rate8.00% pa
DepositVariable according to loan size but not less than 25% of total cost
SecurityAll items purchased with loan funds are to be taken as security
Maximum Term in Years2 
FeesCan be charged to account.
DisbursementAll disbursements must be controlled and paid according to the approved development plan, and as stated in the Loan Agreement.

Loan Purpose

For construction of new resdential house only.

Maximum Amount

Subject for repayment affordability and within the current housing loan guidelines

Interest Rate

New home loans offer with base rate 8%

Term, Repayment, Security Fees & Others

Same as existing housing loan