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What is Manufacturing?

The classification of this involves the mechanical or chemical transformation of inorganic or organic substances into new products.

Lending to this industry has predominantly focused on the following;


  • Processing of imported raw materials for export;
  • Processing of indigenous raw materials (e.g. Handicrafts);
  • Processing of food and beverages.


It should be noted that the Bank’s lending in this industry has been in the main directed towards the processing of imported raw materials for export

Why go with us?

Tonga Development Bank’s Manufacturing loan has:


10.00% pa

interest rate

CRR A10.00% pa
CRR B11.00% pa
CRR C12.00% pa
SecurityAll items purchased with loans funds. The security coverage should be BSV 1.5x with no mortgage or 1.0x with mortgage.
TermMaximum of 15 years, but actual term will depend on project and repayment schedules.
RepaymentsDepends on the amount of loan and the proposed annual cash flow of the project.
FeesCan be charged to account.
DisbursementDirect to supplier where necessary or according to agreed draw down schedule.
Borrowers ContributionMinimum of 25% of total project cost.

Applicants considered under this Sector should:

This loan may be used for: