Wholesalers & Retailers

If you're in wholesale and retail, then this loan is for you

What is Wholesale & Retail?

The wholesale trade classification includes all business activities involved in sale of goods by large quantities for resale to consumers.

The retail trade classification includes all business activities involved in the resale without transformation of new and used goods to the general public for personal or household consumption.

Why go with us?

Tonga Development Bank’s Wholesale & Retail loan has:


8.50% pa

interest rate

Wholesale Retail
CRR A8.50% pa
CRR B9.50% pa
CRR C10.50% pa
SecurityAll items purchased with loan funds. Land mortgage is preferable otherwise BSV coverage should be at least 1.5x. Floating deben
TermStructural facilities a maximum of 12 years but depending on loan size. For stocks maximum of 2 years.
RepaymentsSalary is preferable though cash is considered. For salary deduction, 50% salary allowed for repayment, but 60% considered.
FeesCan be charged to account.
DisbursementDirect to supplier or agreed draw down schedule.
Borrowers ContributionNot less than 25% of cost of project.

Applicants considered under this Sector should:

  • loan repayment through S/D
  • current stock level, if existing
  • management ability of applicants
  • high market demand.
  • working capital (stock)
  • acquisition of plant and equipment
  • construction of structural facilities
  • transport (to a limited extent).
  • establishment of new operation unless proven skill and knowledge;
  • acquisition of land for setting up such operation;
  • construction of a store facility for a new trading store project.