Meet our Executives

Meet the Senior Executives at Tonga Development Bank.

‘Emeline ‘Uheina ‘I Luvuluvu Katoa Tuita – Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Tuita re-joined the Bank in October 2022 after a span of 33 years. Mrs Tuita joined the Bank in 1984 as an Research Economist within one year she took up the role as Manager Operation Lending & Business. She left the Bank in 1989 to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, got involved in number of projects and became Consuls to various countries for Tonga. Mrs Tuita was the COO/CFO of Shoreline Group of Companies for five years before she was posted as an Ambassador for Tonga to China in 2005. Mrs Tuita holds a Master of Business Administration from Hass Business School, USA.

Loi Turaga Mateiwai – Chief Risk Officer

Mrs. Mateiwai joined the Bank in March 2017 with the vast experience in finance, investment, risk management, audit and compliance. Mrs. Mateiwai is a Chartered Accountant by profession and the first Group CFO of the Bank and has held various executive positions in Fiji before taking up the role of the Group Chief Finance Officer. Mrs. Mateiwai took up the role as Chief Risk Officer during the financial year after her term as Group CFO ended however she continued to act on the position until June 2022 financial year ended. Mrs. Mateiwai holds a Master of Commerce in Professional Accounting from the University of South Pacific, Fiji.

Seini Vaiola Movete – Chief Credit Officer

Mrs. Movete joined the Bank as a Senior Loans Officer in 1993. She advanced and worked in various departments of the Bank including, human resource and risk management. Mrs. Movete later took up the role as Manager Transformation where she was responsible for coordinating and managing implementation of the Bank’s transformation from Development to Commercial and the implementation of the Bank’s business Expansion projects. She took up the role as Chief Credit Officer in March 2017. Mrs. Movete holds a Bachelor in Management Studies, University of Waikato, NZ.

Alekisio Pahia – Acting Chief Finance Officer

Mr Pahia joined the Bank in May 2015 as an Accountant, He later took up the role of Regulatory/Compliance & Finance Officer in order to resolve regulatory issues placed to the Bank which ended in 2019. Mr Pahia was later appointed as the Manager Compliance & Reporting for the Group in 2021 and appointed to act on the role as Chief Finance Officer a role he officially took up on 1st September 2022. Mr Pahia holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Auckland University of Technology, NZ.